Know your Bingo game

Bingo is one of the famous casino games, which is purely a game of chance. Each player receives a random set of numbers. The caller selects a set of random numbers and announces them. The players mark off the numbers in their sets against the ones announced by the called. The player who completes one line or multiple lines or a full house before other players will be deemed a winner.

The winner’s set will include the number which was called last. The factor that how soon the game gets completed will be determined by different aspects such as the speed of the caller, the number of players, and the ratio of numbers that constitute the win, and the variety of numbers in the selection.

Two of the main types of bingo games are linked bingo and multiple bingo. In the linked bingo, two or more clubs play a joint game of bingo. In the linked bingo, there is a probability to offer greater prizes as the clubs can pool money from stakes jointly. In multiple bingo game, a larger pool of stakes is created from which prizes are taken

The origin of the game bingo was first traced in Italy in around 1530. The bingo game was originally known as ‘beano’. Then in 1770s, the bingo game was introduced in France where it was called ‘Le Lotto’. Then the bingo game reached Germany in 1880s. Around in 1929, the game entered US and came to be known as ‘Beano’. And today, bingo game is one of the top casino games generating a considerable amount of revenues.

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