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Casino bonus makes everyone happy

When you visit an online casino, you will find a lot of casino bonus offers, some of the commonly found bonus offers are free no-deposit bonus, welcoming or signup bonus and references to a casino bonus and many more. Whatever be the name, simply casino bonus is free money to encourage you to wager more, or to build up your morale.

In general casino bonus is an incentive given to a player to encourage continuing association and to play at an online casino. Most often, casino bonus amount depends on the deposit a player had made. With the help of this free money your deposited amount is boosted and now you have more money to wager, you can apply your skill and ability to double this amount. Generally casinos offer 100% – 300% signup bonus. This means they will instantly get up-to $300 free if you have deposited $100, giving you up many more dollars in free money to play with

But what exactly is the aim of the casino in offering you this free money. Well, every online casino is a business, and they look out for new ways to attract players and continuously offer them free money and promotions to attract them. The free money is actually a long-term investment. If a casino can keeps its players/investors happy they will stick on to them. Moreover as a player even we get the best value of our money and hence we invest more with the aim to reap more fruitful results from the game.